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Our motto is "leave no one behind" and most of our group rides are no-drop.

Brush up on your Group riding skill and group riding etiquette  by using Group-Ride Etiquette  the  link.  
The bicycle laws can be found here: Bicycle laws of Idaho  

Tuesday Hill Climb: For anyone who wants to improve their climbing skills on the Dump

Loop, Bogus, or Willow Creek routes.

Wednesday Mountain Bike Ride: An old favorite back this year. This ride will usually leave from the North End and will feature routes for all skill levels.

Thursday Social Ride: Our most popular ride of the week! 
Pace: Expected pace is 16-18mph on flat roads, if you cannot maintain that pace, please consider our Sunday No Stress Ride.
Type: This is a no-drop social, group ride, perfect for new riders or those that would like to check out the club.
Followed by eats and drinks at a local watering hole.
Distance: Typically 20 to 25 miles, on mostly flat roads with occasional short hills w/ occasional stops regroup all riders.
PLEASE NOTE: This is not a fast ride, nor a hard workout ride, and we ride in one group (or when rider count dictates, two groups a few minutes apart). If you'd like a faster ride, feel free to let the ride leader know at the start that you will not be riding with the group, and we'll see you at the finish. Otherwise, all riders are expected to stay together for the duration of the ride.

Saturday Ride: Our most aggressive ride of the week. Pace range: 18 to 22 MPH*. Rolling hills likely. Distance: Anywhere from: 34 to 100 miles. Group typically starts together and then breaks into two groups about 20 miles into the ride. The “long” group pedals 65 to 100 miles, and the “short” group typically rides 34 to 65 miles.


Lactic Acid Cycling will start hosting a new moderate paced Saturday training ride, in addition to our traditional faster paced Saturday ride.

There will be four rotating ride leaders.

  • Bruce Chaffin (
  • Jim Kaufman (
  • John Merrell (
  • Jim Norman (

The ride will change in response to club member’s input.  Please share your opinions with the ride leaders, Karl or any other board member.

We’ll start the ride on May 7, 2022, from LuLu’s, and the initial route will be to the golf shack and back ~ 35 miles.  Don’t worry the routes will get more adventurous.  

The ride’s initial provisions/conditions

  • Safety (read our Mission Statement on the LAC website)
  • No drop
  • Pace – 16 to 18 mph in a group, on level ground with neutral wind.  If you can’t maintain this pace, you’ve got a few weeks to improve your fitness.
  • Distance – 35 miles+
  • Start time – 15 minutes after the faster traditional ride.  (that will be 9:15 on May 7)
  • Start point – LuLu’s, most of the time but we could occasionally have different start points


 Karl will continue to lead the traditional faster ride and it will stay pretty much the same.

  • It will still be no drop
  • Pace will still be 18 to 22 mph.  We’re not going to speed up and leave the moderate ride to sweep up our blown-up riders.
  • We will leave on time.  Since the moderate ride is leaving only 15 minutes behind, we can’t wait for late folks.  Be there and ready to ride on the hour.

We’re hoping this better meets our member needs, so give us feedback.

Karl Wagner (

Sunday No Stress Ride: An option for riders to get some saddle time in a no stress environment and for new, inexperienced riders to learn and improve riding skills.  This is our easiest ride of the week averaging 15mph over a 17 - 21 mile route.