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Welcome to Lactic Acid Cycling

 Sun Set MTB ride

2023 LAC Apparel

Membership  does have its privilege's 
If you are a paid member you should of gotten a club email on how to order this years LAC kit (Jersey , Shorts and etc.). 
Remember, to order lots, Since the more we order the less we paid as a club.

We will also be offering T-shirts and Hats through our web site.  Right now, we are looking to for QTY and Size data on would be purchasers. 
Please take our short survey on the  T-shirts and Hats.  The T-shirts and Hat design is on the first page of the survey. 

To begin the survey, please click on the survey button.
(Members in good standing only - you will be asked to log-on)

T-shirts and Hats


Whether you live in the area or are just visiting Boise and looking for a group to ride with, we'd love to have you join us on any of our rides! Most of our weekly rides typically run from April through September. Saturday rides run all year (weather dependent).

Please see Weekly Ride Descriptions link for a description of each ride regarding distances and average mph pace.

Tuesday Hill Climb:  The Tuesday night Hill Climbs will start once the weather breaks. Stay tune.

Wednesday MTB Ride:  Waiting for spring 2023

Thursday Night Social Ride:
 It's indoor ride season! Our wonderful sponsor, Pivot, is hosting indoor training for a discounted rate of $5/rider at 6pm at Pivot downtown every Thursday except holidays. Check your club email for more info on how to book your ride. ***NO RIDE 12/21*** Merry Christmas!

Saturday Ride: Weekly – Lulu's Pizza (2594 N Bogus Basin Rd) – 10:00 am start Oct - April, 9:00 am start May and Sept, 8:00 am June - Aug. Weather dependent, potential cancellations are communicated via forum email.


Lactic Acid Cycling will start hosting a new moderate paced Saturday training ride, in addition to our traditional faster paced Saturday ride.

The ride’s initial provisions/conditions

  • Safety (read our Mission Statement on the LAC website)
  • No drop
  • Pace – 16 to 18 mph in a group, on level ground with neutral wind.  If you can’t maintain this pace, you’ve got a few weeks to improve your fitness.
  • Distance – 35 miles+
  • Start time – 15 minutes after the faster traditional ride. 
  • Start point – LuLu’s, most of the time but we could occasionally have different start points


 Karl will continue to lead the traditional faster ride and it will stay pretty much the same.

  • It will still be no drop
  • Pace will still be 18 to 22 mph.  We’re not going to speed up and leave the moderate ride to sweep up our blown-up riders.
  • We will leave on time.  Since the moderate ride is leaving only 15 minutes behind, we can’t wait for late folks.  Be there and ready to ride on the hour.

We’re hoping this better meets our member needs, so give us feedback.

Karl Wagner (

Sunday No Stress Ride: Sunday 03/19/23 Zwift ride 9:30 AM - Follow Jeff Carlascio on Zwift for an invite.

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